Global leader switches to IDS 10 in two days!
On August 20th one of the biggest manufacturers of high performance sailcloth technology continued its operative business on a new database platform.
The datacon GmbH supported them by switching their system from SCO UNIX/Informix SE 5 to IDS 10 on Linux. The two companies have been successfully working together for many years. datacon has transfered the world market leader’s business application to enJin® in an earlier project. Having an enJin® application makes a database change extremely smooth. It took one and a half days to install the new database and transfer the business data. The application could be started on the new platform, without even recompiling it! The customer is very satisfied with the result and with the advantages IDS 10 brings to the application.
The customer’s project manager provided following quote to underline this success:
"Changing the platform went very well and absolutely smooth. It went a lot better than we could ever expect. We are very satisfied."
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Monday, 20 August 2007