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The enJin® edge – Innovative and simple!
Focus on your business expertise instead of learning another programming language. The enJin® tool describes your dialogs completely. Its unique technology enables you to generate database applications with minimum hassle and without any knowledge of Java. If you have own program sources, you can use these to enhance your enJin® environment.
The production process with enJin® is based on a repository that is generated and updated in line with the underlying database. enJin® enables production, testing, deployment and documentation in a single integrated GUI-driven environment. It supports systems integrators and application developers to create software with modern interfaces and functionality.
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Modernization – Fast and easy!
enJin separates the application from the technological basis. This adds a lot to its flexibility. If you need to update the database platform or the operating system, you can do so without worrying about your business application. enJin works reliably on any operating system or Informix database - no recompilation necessary!