enJin® CSS presented at IOD 2007 Las Vegas!
An enJin® Success Story was presented on IBM's  Business Development Day in Las Vegas! The Business Development Day is exclusively for IBM Business Partners and marked the beginning of this year's Information on Demand Conference. As the only European company the Data-Consulting GmbH was invited to join a panel discussion where it presented its latest Success Story released by IBM.
Data-Consulting used the enJin® technology to transport a customer's business application to Java. Then they upgraded the database from SCO UNIX/Informix V5 to IDS 10 on Linux in only one step. Due to enJin®'s great flexibility the database migration could be done during one weekend without disturbing the  business routine! The customer is very satisfied with this success and already decided to upgrade to Informix V11 in the first quarter of 2008. An uncomplicated, fast database migration like this one, could only be performed with the support of the enJin® application tool.
Download the Data-Consulting Success Story from the Customers+Partners section on the enJin® home page and get to know how enJin® contributed to this great achievement!
Sunday, 14 October 2007